Apr 27 • 8HR 32M

Twitter Class Podcast S3E11: The Battlefield of Ideas with Coach Felecia Killings and Sonnie Johnson: Black Progressivism vs. Black Conservatism

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Coach Felecia Killings
My weekly podcast that discusses social, political, and economic topics from a Conscious Conservative perspective

Greetings Beloved,

​​Welcome to Twitter Class Podcast, the #1 hot spot where we discuss social, political, and economic issues from a Conscious Conservative perspective. This is season 3 episode 11 where we're talking about the battlefield of ideas, specifically Black Progressivism vs. Black Conservatism.

I am Coach Felecia Killings, and each week, my guest speakers and I share powerful, never-before-heard conversations that help Conservatives and Black voters build an Alliance while removing Progressivism's boot off our communities' necks.

In addition, we address topics within the relationship, economic, and educational spheres to better understand how we can build social empires that thrive in this next round.

Now, for today's new episode, my guest panelists and I discuss the history of Black Progressivism and Black Conservatism.

Key highlights from our discussion include:

  • Understanding the basic definitions of both political thoughts

  • Understanding the need to look at Black History from the lens of both thoughts to determine how best to rebuild

  • Understanding semantics and developing coherent, research-based arguments that win on the battlefield of ideas

  • And understanding the importance of selling these ideas, solutions, and political thoughts to Black voters who are eager for political competition

Our FIRE discussion included over 1400 attendees and 32 speakers. This episode lasted more than 8 hours! We brought the battlefield to Black voters and offered them the Conservative Alliance.

And this episode provided a taste of what Black voters will receive when The Foundation hosts the 1st annual Conscious Conservative Leadership Convention and Great Debate.

This was by far the BEST episode of Twitter Class Podcast LIVE.​

Now, let's get into it!

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