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About Coach Felecia Killings Omnimedia, Inc.

Coach Felecia Killings Omnimedia, Inc. is a diversified media, coaching, consulting, and publishing company.

Our vision is to be the premier online platform that transforms ordinary people into extraordinary thought leaders. Our various platforms engage our members with advanced lessons that help them bring revival and reformation to the communities they serve. Through the power of book publishing, content marketing, motivational speaking, and strategic campaigns, rising leaders will learn how to position themselves as top-tier thought leaders in the social, political, and economic spheres.

Led by our Founder and Principal Consultant, Coach Felecia Killings, and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, our platforms have become a national powerhouse whose books, movement, ministry, programs, and communications services have helped thousands of leaders manifest their visions.

Coach Felecia Killings Omnimedia, Inc., founded in 2023, serves as an umbrella for all media, movement, ministry, events, services, books, and Foundation linked to the Coach Felecia Killings brand.

“When we learn to do things God’s way, we always get His results.”
- Felecia Killings

The mission of Coach Felecia Killings Omnimedia is to equip rising thought leaders for their God-inspired work. Each week, we show them how to develop and expand their social, political, or economic visions on a local, state, or national level using the written and spoken word. 

Over the next 25 years, we will advance our mission by helping 10,000 Conservative Voices launch and scale their online businesses, virtual ministries, and political platforms using Coach Felecia’s premium training. Through her online courses, coaching programs, annual events, and communications services, each client will become a top-tier thought leader who brings revival, reformation, and the renaissance to the communities they serve.

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"Coach, you have certainly empowered me. You and Sonnie [Johnson] have inspired us." - Shawna Freedmen

"God's anointing is clearly felt in the work Coach Felecia does. I wouldn't want to get this valuable information from any other person." - Annetta Catchings

"This woman saw a need and went to work in her community to make sure change happened. Good for her. If more people were passionate and honest in voter outreach, there would be a positive change in this country." - Twitter Class Beloved

"[Coach Felecia] has succeeded where a lot of folks would have packed it in. What [she] does next, I will support wholeheartedly." - Twitter Class Beloved

"It makes me proud to see such an incredible young woman standing and holding strong and true to her convictions with such grace. God bless you, sis!" - Twitter Class Beloved

"[Coach Felecia] does an excellent job! Keep building. She will make the CCM the biggest thing out here. While everyone gave money to BLEXIT and got no returns, she created the CCM and provided results. Soon, she will be undeniable." - Twitter Class Beloved

"Coach Felecia, I see the work of love has continued. As always, blessing to you and yours. Thank you for your tireless work to build and grow. I know that you have been tasked to do a work for people that, even if you wanted to stop, you couldn't. Continue to grow!"
- Twitter Class Beloved

"I agree that neither political party is that concerned about pre and neonatal care, but Coach Felecia definitely cares and puts her money and energy where her mouth is daily. She's a strategist and is all about creating competition."
- Twitter Class Beloved

"Coach Felecia, thank you for being a light in the direction of educating the conservative mind. Keep up the great work, ma'am."
- Twitter Class Beloved

"All the gang at the CCM are awesome. I've been welcomed and appreciated. They make it easy to want to help and spread the message."
​- Twitter Class Beloved

About Award-Winning Coach Felecia Killings: CEO of Coach Felecia Killings Omnimedia, ​Best-Selling Author, Ordained Minister, Motivational Speaker, and the #1 Political Strategist Delivering National and Statewide Conservative
Victories Using Effective Black Outreach 

Felecia Killings is a dynamic motivational speaker and evangelist for the principles of Conscious Conservatism. One of her goals is to train and equip others to spread the message of Conscious Conservatism into all aspects of life, business, and government. Killings is also brutal about holding Conservatism’s feet to the fire when Conscious Conservative principles, rather than the typical talking points or pandering, win the argument." - Jennifer Oliver O'Connell, Contributing Writer of RedState 

Felecia Killings is the Founder of Coach Felecia Killings Omnimedia, Inc., a diversified media, coaching, consulting, and publishing company that transforms ordinary people into extraordinary thought leaders while helping them manifest their visions in the social, political, and economic spheres.

With 10+ years of experience working in media relations, publishing, and editorial development, she has become a nationally-recognized Communications Specialist whose keen insight has helped leaders and organizations reach millions of people with their vision, mission, brand, and core message.

Felecia is a creative self-starter with keen abilities to develop new ideas and initiatives that engage leaders and organizations in the social, political, and economic spheres. Her methods for building relationships between various stakeholders are based on applying universal principles that guide human behavior and interaction. Her core philosophy stems from the principles of Conscious Conservatism, which include practicing the Law of Love, the Law of Grace, the Law of Faith and Power, and much more. By implementing these values into her work and her clients' projects, she has helped elevate an organization's brand and thought leadership to national heights.

Felecia is the Founder of My Beloved Women's Ministry and My Beloved Women's Leadership Training and Development Program. As an Award-Winning Coach and Ordained Minister, she provides transforming life coaching services to women who are ready to rebuild their lives after experiencing trauma. In addition, her ministry teaches women how to flourish in business, ministry, motherhood, and marriage.

Felecia is also the Founder of The Conscious Conservative Movement, a national political work that bridges the gap between Conservatives and Black voters. She is the #1 strategist for national and statewide conservative victories using effective Black Outreach. Her efforts during the 2022 midterm election and Georgia's gubernatorial race helped solidify a strong win by employing best communications practices for selling conservatism in urban areas. She extends this training to rising political leaders through her coaching program: The CCM Leadership Training and Development Program. Her social-political work also extends into The Felecia Killings Foundation, a forthcoming non-profit organization that engages in research and development to help shape critical conservative policies that benefit Black communities.

Felecia is a Motivational Speaker, host of The Conscious Conservative Podcast (formerly Twitter Class Podcast), and a nationally-recognized political commentator, sharing her insight with millions of Conservatives via mainstream and independent outlets. She has been featured on prime time shows including FOX Primetime, FOX and Friends, the New York Post, FOX Digital, Red State, Sonnie’s Corner, Victory News Media, Cross Country with Lawrence B. Jones, the Dinesh D’Souza Podcast, News Nation, and many more. She is the Senior Writer of My Beloved Publications, her daily newsletter that curates top articles from industry experts who focus on empowering leaders and organizations in the social, political, and economic spheres.

As a graduate of The University of California, Davis, Felecia holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with double majors in English and African American Studies. She also holds a Master of Arts degree in Education.

Finally, with all she has accomplished, Felecia's greatest joy is being the mother to Aaliyah Amore, the inspiration backing her national work.

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Coach Felecia Killings

Best-Selling Author | Award-Winning Coach | Communications Specialist | Ordained Minister | CEO of Coach Felecia Killings Omnimedia | #1 Strategist Delivering National and Statewide Conservative Victories Using Effective Black Outreach